DES MOINES – The 15th Annual Meals From the Heartland Hunger Fight starts Wednesday and runs through Saturday, September 3rd.

The Hunger Fight had to be scaled back the past two years due to the pandemic but now it has returned to Hy-Vee Hall.

This year, Meals from the Heartland expects to package 4 million meals for hungry children.

Greg DeHaai, the Executive Director at Meals From the Heartland, said that they have a new packaging method this year that they used over the pandemic that will help them package more meals.

“Something we started doing during COVID that helps us pack more efficiently, quicker, and make more meals,” DeHaai said. “We go about 10 times faster we just use one bag in one box we pour all the ingredients into one bag and it allows us to really pick up the pace and make more meals with less volunteers.”

During the past 14 Hunger Fights, volunteers packaged more than 61 million meals for hungry children. And the meals go all over the world.

“A lot of these meals will go to Central America like El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala,” DeHaai said. “We’ll have some go to Haiti as well to feed the kids down there and then the ones we’ve done for years is South Africa, Togo, Philippines. Most of these meals will go to schools where kids will be fed at school.”

To learn more about how to sign up for this year’s Hunger Fight visit Meals From the Heartland’s website.