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(WXIN) – McDonald’s is taking its beloved Big Mac into new territory by switching out the two all-beef patties for chicken.

The Chicken Big Mac, made with “crispy tempura chicken patties” instead of beef, will be test launched in Miami for a limited time, McDonald’s confirmed.

The sandwich already made its debut February in the United Kingdom and Ireland to much fanfare — and significant sales. McDonald’s U.K. announced the limited-edition offering had “sold out almost everywhere” after a little over the week on the menu. It eventually returned for a limited time.

The Chicken Big Mac appears identical to the original Big Mac aside from its chicken patties, and comes with cheese, lettuce, pickles and special sauce, McDonald’s said. The version sold in the U.K. did not come with chopped onions; McDonald’s did not list this component among the ingredients in the U.S. version, either.

If the testing goes well, it’s possible the Chicken Big Mac could expand to additional regions or even the nationwide menu, though it’s not guaranteed.

“While not everything we test makes it on our U.S. menus, we’ll use this time to gather feedback from both customers and restaurant crew as we consider opportunities to offer more delicious options in the future,” McDonald’s wrote in a statement shared with Nexstar.

McDonald’s currently offers several chicken sandwiches on the U.S. menu, including its McChicken and multiple variations of its Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which debuted in 2021. At the time, McDonald’s Vice President of Menu Innovation Linda VanGosen said the new sandwiches came in response to customer demand for chicken items.

Around the same time, several other fast-food outlets had announced or began offering their own fried chicken sandwiches following the successful debut of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich in 2019.