Mayor Cownie Urging Des Moines Residents to Limit and Reconsider Beggars’ Night Plans


DES MOINES, Iowa– With the state reporting a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, Des Moines mayor, Frank Cownie, is warning residents to limit or reconsider Halloween plans.

Des Moines was the last city to confirm having a Beggars’ Night. Thursday at a press conference Mayor Cownie said he’s always had his concerns but understands Iowan would celebrate Beggars’ Night one way or another. Now Polk County’s mission is to make sure people stay safe. 

“The only way we’re gonna get through this pandemic is for everybody to observe all CDC recommendations. And let’s move forward thoughtfully and be careful,” Mayor Cownie said. “Have fun, but let’s work together on this.” 

All metro cities are allowing residents to celebrate Beggars’ Night. However, they’re urging residents to follow Iowa’s Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines for trick or treating. 

The White House Coronavirus Task Force still classifies Iowa as a red zone. Polk County Health Department advises anyone who is feeling sick or those who’ve been exposed to the virus, to stay home. The department’s communication officer, Nola Aigner Davis, says it is important to remind Iowans about the pandemic. 

“We’ve seen this with every holiday this year. So Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day. Now Halloween is coming around the corner. Every time because it’s a time for us to have fun and enjoy our friends and our family. COVID doesn’t go away just because it’s a holiday,” Davis said. 


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