MAXWELL, Iowa — For nearly 50 years, a Casey’s gas station had been in the City of Maxwell. But, after a teen was charged with arson for allegedly setting it on fire in early March 2022, the city has been without a Casey’s or gas.

“It’s kind of pain because you know it’s a lot faster to go Casey’s. You can just get all of your stuff at Casey’s and then do whatever,” said Maxwell resident Nate Dumbaugh.

Jerimi Kopsa works in the area. He said he used to grab lunch and gas from Casey’s before it burned down. “Well, it’s unfortunate that there’s no place to fill my tank,” said Kopsa.

“I was just going to walk to [the] little grocery store and maybe even down to Dollar General. I had to pick up a few things.”

City Mayor Jameson Hudson said residents have to drive about eight miles away to fill their vehicle’s gas tanks. According to the mayor, attracting other gas station companies to Maxwell is difficult because of its small population.

“Unfortunately, Kwik Star said that they need two and a half acres and a population of three thousand or more [and] we’re just shy of thousand people,” said Mayor Hudson.
“But we’re hoping to grow that with a new development eventually, but that’s one of the big reasons why nobody wants to come in.”

However, the mayor hopes the city will have fuel by summer. “[We suspect] that they [will] build something here obviously; they kept the awning and the tanks in the ground.”

Hudson said Casey’s would not return to Maxwell, but he said residents would be able to fill their gas tanks with fuel by the summer possibly.

“We have the speculation is that if we do have a gas station, it’s just going to be fuel pumps, and that will be it.”