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ANKENY, Iowa – School districts are scrambling to decide whether or not to reinstate their mask mandates after a federal judge temporarily blocked Iowa’s mask mandate ban in schools.

The ruling has reignited the fight over masks, and it led to an overflowing meeting Tuesday night in Ankeny when the school board held a special meeting to discuss the legalities.

There were passionate opinions from parents who gathered to listen. As the school board prepares to make a decision, parents want to make sure their input is taken into consideration.

“Nobody here should comply and we should take our kids and we should pull them out of school if they mandate masks on them again,” one parent said.

While some wanted their voices heard, others remained hopeful for harmony.

“What I really want to happen is that everybody comes together and they work together to come to an agreement,” Ankeny parent Shelly Northway said.

A packed conference room listened to the school district’s lawyer review the order, but a decision is still yet to be made.

Ankeny’s superintendent Dr. Erick Pruitt says he will make a recommendation either later this week or next week. Parents were told they will be able to speak before a final decision is made.