Martial Arts School Transforms into an E-Learning Center to Help Students Learn Virtually


WAUKEE, Iowa — The Dojo’s Family Martial Arts school is helping parents cope with virtual learning by providing an e-learning center at the school. 

“We know that there’s a lot of working families out there that don’t have the time, maybe they’re working from home but its hard,” said Waukee’s Best After School & Summer Camps Director Mustafa Jahic. “[We’re] making sure that they’re getting the necessary tools to be successful.”

This martial arts school is helping students navigate e-learning by providing space and an instructor to assist students.

“Waukee’s best is a new program that we’re offering here,” said Jahic. “We just want to give an impact to the community in a positive way. We want to give parents structure and we want to give them a place where their kid can develop a champion mindset.”

John Olsen, a former educator, is an instructor at the center. He explained that he enjoys watching the students make strides in their studies.

“A parent recently reported to me that they have had a parent-teacher conference and that the teacher was quite pleased with the students progress and said that they appreciated my work at the e-learning center,” said Olsen. 

Olsen enjoys helping the students with their work and he admits that he will miss the students once they eventually go back to school. 

“They have gotten into my heart and I care deeply about each one of them and I’ll miss them once they all eventually go back to school,” Olsen said.

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