MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Two-year-old, Aluxia, has a long way to go until college, but so far she has $1,000 saved up for it.

Aluxia’s grandfather, Wayne Galema, entered all five of his grandchildren into a college savings giveaway while at the Iowa State Fair.

Galema said, “You enter all of these contests and you always wonder who’s going to win or who wins these. I was actually the one that won it, so that was pretty exciting. [Aluxia] doesn’t really comprehend very much right now. She thought it was cool to fist bump the treasurer at the library.”

The giveaway was part of State Treasurer Roby Smith’s plan to help families save for college. Under the College Savings Iowa 529 Program, families have a tax-advantaged way to save for education, according to his office.

Smith said that anyone who has 10 minutes and $25 can sign up to put money toward their education or a family member’s education.

September is College Savings Month and Smith’s office is celebrating by giving away $5,290 in honor of their 529 program. All Iowans can enter the giveaway on their website until the end of the month and a winner will be announced in October.