MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA — Marshalltown schools will be closed unexpectedly on Thursday and Friday this week due to a wave of sickness among students and staff – as well as a lack of substitutes to fill open positions. Superintendent Theron Schutte made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

“The high number of student and employee illness-related absences, coupled with our
short-in-supply substitute staff pool, have presented significant challenges to our current ability
to provide a high-quality educational experience onsite for all students,” Dr. Schutte wrote in a statement released by the district.

“We know this creates an inconvenience for many of our families relative to childcare, and we
don’t make these decisions unless deemed absolutely necessary. Our hope is that, within the
next few days of rest and recuperation, everyone can become healthy and finish the 2022
portion of our school year strong,” the message continued.

Classes will resume again on Monday, December 19th.