Marshalltown Family Cries For Son To Come Home After Sudden Disappearance

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — As the sudden disappearance of a young teenage boy has reached over 48 hours, the family of Corey Brown pleaded for their son to safely return home.  “Corey if you are out there please come home,” said Michelle Brown, Corey’s mother. She added, “You know how much we love you and I’m not going to stop until we find you. If you are out there, come home.  We love you more than you’ll ever know.”  Michelle also cried for help from anyone who may know where Corey is. She said, “Parents, if this was your child you would want them home too. Please call the police department and get Corey home to us, please.  I love you Corey, come home.”

Because of Corey’s disappearance, the Marshalltown community is on edge.  “We are considering every scenario, every possibility.  We have not ruled out anything at this point,” said Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper.  Thirteen year old Corey Brown was last seen on home security cameras late Tuesday evening leaving his family`s south Marshalltown home.  He was not home when his parents went to work early Wednesday morning.  Chief Tupper said, “He was upset and left home.  We are trying figure out why and where he may have gone.”

On Wednesday, public search teams were formed by concerned residents to look for the middle school student but police say that can harm their search efforts.  “I understand they are trying help us but we can’t have people acting on their own and we are not able to track that information and somebody could get hurt or lost, said Tupper.  He added that another negative is the winter.  “The weather conditions are making our search efforts more difficult and the investigation more difficult.”

The help they do need from the public is a simple task.  Tupper said, “By searching their personal properties, homes businesses, outbuildings, vehicles to see if Corey may be hiding in them for shelter.”

A woman named Becky did not want to use her last name but used to be a neighbor of Corey’s family.  “I’m just really heartbroken and I hope things turnaround,” she said.  Despite the disappearance she is staying positive.  Becky said, “I trust that God will bring him back home to his family because his family and grandparents miss him dearly.”

Police are staying proactive as a canine search worked nearby neighborhoods where Corey was last seen.  “We don’t know where Corey is at this point.  Anything is possible and it is like searching for a needle in a haystack so we have to look everywhere,” said Tupper.

Downtown businesses are chipping in by placing  posters of Corey on their storefront windows.  Police say it may seem small but it could be enough to crack the case.  Tupper said, “That jars a memory or causes them to think about info that might be helpful for us and we’re not going to stop until we find Corey.”

Corey was last seen wearing a Seattle Seahawks stocking cap, black and lime green jacket, black pants and grey shoes.  Anyone with information about his disappearance is asked to call the Marshalltown Crime Stoppers at 641-753-1234

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