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MARSHALL COUNTY, Iowa — Hunting and harvesting seasons are underway, which means a lot of deer are on the move and on the roads. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to be on the lookout when driving.

On Friday morning the Sheriff’s Office responded to three separate car vs. deer accidents within a two-hour period alone. As of October 5, there have been 88 deer crashes reported to law enforcement in Marshall County this year.

Fall is the start to the deer mating season known as the ‘rut’, which causes deer to be on the move not just at night, but also during the day. Farmers also begin to harvest their crops, which contributes to the extra movement of deer.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, there were 7,699 animal-related crashes that resulted in 5 deaths, 33 serious injuries, and 151 minor injuries across the state in 2021.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office shared these tips drivers should be aware of to avoid crashes with animals:

  • Be extra cautious when driving at dusk or dawn since these are the times of day deer are most active.
  • Avoid distractions that reduce the ability to see or react to animals near the roadway.
  • If you see one deer, always assume there are others nearby.
  • If an animal enters the roadway do not swerve to avoid hitting it.