Man’s Good Deed for Veteran at Ankeny Walmart Goes Viral


(Photo Courtesy: Alana Ruthann)

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ANKENY, Iowa – A Facebook post of a selflessly kind deed directed toward a veteran in Ankeny is going viral.

According to a post from the account of Alana Ruthann, while she was in line waiting to check out at the Ankeny Walmart Saturday she witnessed a beautiful exchange between the gentlemen ahead of her.

A young man told an older man wearing a hat indicating he was a military veteran, “Sir, I’m paying for your items because you paid by serving my country and I’m grateful for you.”

Alana Ruthann wrote that the older man was caught off guard by the gesture and struggled to hold his emotions in. The young man quickly paid for the items and thanked the veteran once more before leaving.

The veteran seemed at a loss and asked the cashier what he should do now, and she replied with a smile “You have a good day!”


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