Man Shot by Des Moines Police Friday Jailed After Release from Hospital


Bryan Norris (WHO-HD)

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The man injured in an officer-involved shooting in Des Moines last Friday has been released from the hospital and booked into the Polk County Jail. New details from the incident are also being brought to light through criminal complaints in the case.

Twenty-six-year-old Bryan Norris is facing two charges of assault on a peace officer and one charge of interference with official acts related to the incident. He was released from the hospital early Tuesday morning and booked into the jail around 6:45 a.m.

Des Moines Police say the shooting happened when officers were responding to a complaint about a homeless camp near the 2300 block of Terrace Road.

A criminal complaint in the case claims Senior Police Officer Trudy Simonson, a 12-year veteran, and Sgt. Yanira Scarlett, an 18-year veteran, responded and while investigating found two people with open arrest warrants. They also came into contact with Norris, who gave them a fake name at first. Once his identity was determined a warrant for his arrest on theft charges was discovered.

Before officers could take him into custody, he ran from them and jumped into the Raccoon River in an attempt to avoid being arrested. While Sgt. Scarlett and another officer, 11-year veteran Senior Police Officer Shawna Isaac, worked to secure the other two people with warrants a third officer tried to find Norris.

According to the complaint, Norris got out of the river and climbed up the bank, where he retrieved a shovel. He then confronted Sgt. Scarlett and Officer Paulson un-holstered her gun and ordered Norris to drop the shovel. Norris began advancing toward the two, then paused and set down the shovel but the pulled a fixed-blade knife out of a sheath and was “displaying it toward Officer Paulson and Sgt. Scarlett in an aggressive manner.”

Officer Paulson gave more orders to Norris to drop the knife but “he refused and began to swing this arm with the knife in it from within approximately 20 feet of Officer Paulson and Sgt. Scarlett putting them in reasonable fear for her safety.”

The complaint says that’s when Officer Paulson fired her weapon and hit Norris once.

Medical attention was provided immediately, and Norris was taken to a Des Moines hospital.

He is being held on a bond of $30,300 and a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 26th.


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