Man Hopes to Add Mobile Barbershop to Iowa Law; Bills Advance


DES MOINES, Iowa — A convicted felon in Iowa working to rewrite his wrongs is looking for support from state lawmakers.

William Burt said he makes “no excuses” for turning his life around. Channel 13 News introduced Burt earlier in January, when Gov. Kim Reynolds honored him in her Condition of the State address. Reynolds restored Burt’s voting rights recently.

But Burt hasn’t stopped there. On Monday, he drove from Waterloo to the statehouse to make his case to lawmakers about a passion he is trying to pursue: a barber shop on wheels. Current state code prohibits this.

“I cannot operate. It’s as simple as that,” Burt said. “I can’t move forward with the vision of serving those that are missing the service.”

Two bills introduced in the House and Senate would allow Burt to realize this dream.

Rep. Joe Mitchell, R-Wayland, said he is confident this legislation will pass.

“This is enabling people to be able to go up that economic ladder, to be entrepreneurs, to be innovative,” Mitchell said. “They’re going to be under the same health inspections as other barber shops, they’ll just be on wheels.”

Both bills advanced Monday, passing in each subcommittee. The Senate subcommittee added an amendment to allow cosmetologists to do the same.


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