GRUNDY CENTER, Iowa — Iowa man who was found guilty of murdering Iowa State Patrol Sergeant Jim Smith in May has requested the Court to order a new trial.

According to the motion, Michael Lang is requesting a new trial because he believes the Court failed to instruct to the jury the definition of self-defense. Lang also says there was no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that his acts were pre-meditated or done with specific intent to kill, he didn’t aim at any individual with intent to kill, and he didn’t have intentions to cause a serious injury.

Lang was charged with First-Degree-Murder, Attempted Murder, and Assaulting a Police Officer for events that happened on April 9th 2021. Lang allegedly assaulted a Grundy Center police officer following a car chase earlier that day. Lang fled the scene and barricaded himself in his home, which is where an hours-long standoff began. Investigators said this is when Lang shot Sgt. Smith.

The hearing to determine if a new trial will be granted will be held on June 27th at 1:30 p.m. at the Grundy County Courthouse.