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GALVA, Iowa (KCAU) — A man was charged with first-degree murder after witnesses reported that he stabbed his brother and assaulted his lifeless body on Sunday.

According to Ida County Sheriff Wade Harriman, Jesus Diaz, 24, has been accused of fatally stabbing his brother, Eduardo Diaz III, 26, outside of Jesus Diaz’s residence at 7:33 p.m.

Complaint documents filed with the Iowa District Court stated that an altercation occurred between the two and eventually escalated to Jesus Diaz allegedly stabbing Eduardo Diaz III multiple times in the chest and abdomen.

The documents showed that Eduardo Diaz III died and collapsed on the sidewalk. Witnesses reported that Jesus Diaz allegedly continued to punch and kick his unresponsive brother.

According to the complaint documents, witnesses saw Jesus Diaz allegedly stop assaulting Eduardo Diaz III long enough to walk across the street and put items in his vehicle before apparently coming back to assault the man some more.

The documents added that while EMS personnel were attempting to provide medical treatment to Eduardo Diaz III, Jesus Diaz allegedly attempted to assault them. Eduardo Diaz III was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

The documents specified that when officials apprehended Jesus Diaz, his clothes were covered in blood and officials found a bloody knife in the back seat of his vehicle.  

A press release from the Ida County Sheriff’s Office stated that Jesus Diaz was taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries before he was transported to the Ida County Jail. Diaz’s bond is set at $50,000.