OSAGE, IOWA — Authorities in northern Iowa say they’ve found the man responsible for the grisly murder of a woman whose decapitated head was found in a public park last year. Nathan Gilmore, a 23-year-old Osage resident, was arrested Friday and charged with First Degree Murder for the death of Angela Bradbury. The arrest brings an end to an investigation that began with the discovery of a skull in July 2021. Police say Facebook data helped lead them to a suspect, and the final pieces of evidence were found on an apparent blood-splattered Satanic shrine at his home.

According to online court documents, deputies with the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office were called to Greenbelt River Trail Park near the town of Mitchell on July 12th, 2021 after a panicked teenager called their parents to report finding a human skull that had placed on stick. The skull was taken to the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner in Ankeny where it was determined to be that of a woman, but no further identification could be made.

The next development in the investigation, according to court records, came nearly seven months later on February 2nd of this year when family members in Cerro Gordo County reported Angela Nicole Bradbury missing. Her family said they hadn’t seen her since April of 2021. Family members submitted DNA samples and, nine days later, a positive match was made with the skull found in Mitchell, Iowa. Two months later, on April 5th, 2022, more Bradbury’s remains were found in a second location in the park.

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office alleges in charging documents that Bradbury’s life likely came to an end one year beforehand. They believe she crossed paths with Gilmore on April 6th, 2021 – the day before her 29th birthday – and their brief encounter ended hours later with her death.

Records show Angela Bradbury was arrested for trespassing in Mason City on the evening of April 5th, 2021 at a car dealership and jailed overnight. She was released from jail around Noon that day. About an hour later, Nathan Gilmore appeared for an arraignment at the jail. Friends say that Bradbury came by their home to change clothes that afternoon and then left to go to St. Ansgar with a “younger white male”. She was never seen alive again.

When pressed for details about that day, Mitchell County authorities say Gilmore admitted to them that he’d given a girl a ride to a home in Mason City that day but he’d not seen her after that. He told authorities that he traveled to his court appearance while on break from work in St. Ansgar – his hometown -and that he returned to finish five hours of his shift after court. However, a time card shows he worked just one hour after returning to St. Ansgar.

Gilmore told authorities that he went home after work that night and didn’t leave. However a search of his Facebook account showed two GPS coordinates from the site being used within Greenbelt River Trail Park that evening.

While interviewing Gilmore about the skull in the park, authorities say he admitted that he was there the day that it was found and speaking to police in the park that day. Police say Gilmore referenced the body as well while threatening a “male associate” of an ex-girlfriend in a Snapchat message in August 21 that included the lines:

  • “you’ll be looking like the body they found outside Mitchell”
  • “wanna see a dead body? find me than (sic), you got patience im always down to throw”
  • “Id hate to see your kid be a bastard”

Authorities then searched Gilmore’s resident in Osage and found more evidence on a white board in his living room. According to the criminal complaint, they found a drawing of a “Satanic goat’s head” with apparent blood splatters. Written on the board were three sets of numbers:

  • “04-06” – which would coincide with the date April 6th
  • “0509” – which authorities say is acronym used online to mean “someone is tired of living”
  • “43.3, -98.8” – which is an abbreviated GPS coordinate for Greenbelt River Trail Park

Gilmore is being held on a one million dollar, cash-only bond in Mitchell County. His next court date is scheduled for August 30th.