DUBUQUE, Iowa — It’s every professional football player’s dream, a trip to the Super Bowl. Matthew Holt of Dubuque is sharing a similar dream just as a fan on the sidelines.

“Maybe one day if I worked hard enough I was thinking maybe as a dream I could get there someday,” said the eighteen-year-old from Dubuque.

Through Make-A-Wish Iowa donations, Holt along with just 16 other kids from the national non-profit will check off the big game on their bucket list. “Just count your blessings and don’t think too much of it. You can’t control everything and sometimes stuff just happens to you and you just have to take it with your chest and go,” said Holt.

At just 14 years old Matthew was in dire need of a liver transplant and got one. “I just focus on me being happy because when I was in the hospital I was just thinking about all the memories I had and wanted more.  I didn’t want to go out with any wish I did this or did that,” Holt said.

Four years in the making and now once in Arizona that rigorous battle will take a backseat to soaking up everything. “Going to Top Golf/Dave and Busters with NFL legends and players from the Arizona Cardinals so that’s cool too and then gameday obviously and a tour of the stadium or a super bowl fan experience I believe.”

Finding a team to cheer for wasn’t difficult. Holt said, “Chiefs 100%. I’m a Cowboys fan so I don’t like seeing the Eagles in the Super Bowl.”

His prediction goes down to the score. He said, “It is probably going to the low 30s probably 34-27 or 31-28 final score. Good offense and good defense.”

As the teams turn their dreams into motion Sunday, Matt’s victory has helped turn the dreams of a healthy future into motion. Holt said, “There’s no sense in sitting around and complaining about it because that’s what I used to do and it doesn’t get you anywhere. Might as well keep going and keep a positive attitude about it and just roll with the punches.”

You can help the dreams of Iowa kids like Matthew come true by going to Make A Wish Iowa and clicking the donate tab.