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A former Des Moines Police officer who admitted to using excessive force in a traffic stop 5 years ago will not spend time in prison.

Former officer John Mailander pleaded guilty to four felony charges in the 2008 beating of an African American couple during a traffic stop.

In court Friday, Mailander was sentenced to four month’s home confinement and three years’ probation.

The Des Moines Register reports that the Polk County Attorney’s Office expected Mailander to serve a five year jail sentence after his guilty plea.

However, a federal judge sentenced him to just four months of house arrest earlier this month.

It was because of that light sentence, a Polk County judge sentenced Mailander to just two years probation on his state charges.

Mailander’s former partner, Mersed Dautovic, is currently serving a 20-month prison sentence.

The attorney for the two victims of the police assault says his clients are still traumatized by the beating.

He says juries should not always trust a police officer’s testimony.

“If the officers hadn’t falsified the police reports against my client we wouldn’t have had to go to a criminal trial,” said Attorney Peter Berger. “And the officers lied on the stand.  And there’s a lesson to be learned for judges and juries not to believe everything they hear just because someone took the oath.”

The two victims, Erin Evans and Octavius Bonds were paid $500,000 dollars in order to settle a civil lawsuit against the police department and city of Des Moines.