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IOWA  —  President Trump’s immigration enforcement strategy continues to fuel fear in central Iowa.

The League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa is warning the immigrant community of racial profiling incidents and possible arrest. This comes after the organization says there have been at least 12 undocumented immigrant arrests in Des Moines and surrounding areas in the past week.

Family members of those arrested say their loved ones were not committing a crime at the time they were pulled over.

LULAC is raising money to help post bond for the individuals, but fear there could be more detainees the group does not yet know about.

“Many of these people are being taken to the Marshall County Jail, because the Marshall County Jail in Marshalltown has an agreement with the federal government called a 287(g) agreement, where they get paid to house detainees. That does not exist in Polk County. Polk County has not signed on to this agreement. When people get detained in these county jails, their names will not show up on websites,” said Joe Henry, Vice President of the Midwest LULAC Region.

LULAC is also encouraging immigrant parents within the Des Moines Public School District to fill out forms with information like names and addresses for their children in case the parents are detained.