DES MOINES, Iowa – As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, many teachers across the nation and here in Iowa will not be returning next year. 

The Iowa State education association tells me there’s an increase in resignations by about 15% this year compared to last year, which is some of the highest they’ve seen in a while.

“Teachers and educators are tired or worn out. They want to be able to do their work, do their job and teach. But there’s a massive amount of people leaving the profession, and there are a lot fewer people going into the profession than we’ve ever had,” said Coy Marquardt with the Iowa State Education Association. 

Along with increased stress from the pandemic and gun violence, many educators feel that political issues have crossed into classrooms, attacking their profession. 

Here in the metro, schools like Johnston and Waukee are both seeing over 60 teachers resigning or retiring this summer.

Some districts across the state are offering retention or hiring bonuses, but the ISEA said that these will not solve any problems but are rather just a temporary fix.