FORT DODGE, Iowa — Residents around the Fort Dodge area will get to experience an odd helicopter show next week.

A helicopter will be flying low to the ground, around 100 to 200 feet above the surface, with a hula-hoop like tube dangling under it. According to Webster County Emergency Management, the helicopter with be mapping features that are below the Earth’s surface.

The hula-hoop like tube the helicopter will be carrying is actually a sensor that measures tiny electromagnetic signals. Those signals allow scientists to create maps that resemble the geological features below the surface.

A study is being conducted by Aqua Geo Frameworks, LLC., about groundwater resources over large areas without having to do intensive ground-based work.

Specially trained pilots will be operating the helicopters to ensure the flight is safe.

The survey will begin August 8 and will last about a week. The Webster County Emergency Management is asking the public to not call 911 if they see the helicopter. If anyone does have concerns regarding the survey they can contact the non-emergency dispatch line at (515) 573-2323 or the Emergency Management Office at (515) 573-1403.