LOOKING BACK: 5 Years After The Scout Ranch Tornado

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Five years ago Tuesday a tornado tore through a western Iowa Boy Scout camping, killing four boys and injuring dozens others.

When the twister hit the Little Sioux Scout Ranch about 100 scouts and 25 staff members were there, taking part in a leadership conference.

One of them was Brian Moore, he was only 13 years old at the time, but he says five years later, he still can’t forget the tragedy or the heroic efforts that saved the lives of others.

“I think about a kid lying face down in a pool of blood. But then I think about all of the stuff that we were able to do before first aid actually got there,” he says.

Moore was one of 50 campers who took shelter in a building on the camp that collapsed on the scouts when the storm blew a truck into the building.

Four boys were killed and dozens others were buried in the rubble.

Moore was one of the first to climb out the building and the first to run for help.

“I was the runner who got down to the shelter and told them our building had been hit,” Moore explained. “I started running through all the stuff that had gotten blown over. I must have had a crazy amount of adrenaline because I made that mile run in about 20 seconds it felt like.”

Thanks to Moore running for help, dozens of boys trapped in the shelter survived.

He says he hasn’t given up on camping, but watches the forecast closely before he goes out.

The experience inspired him to become a life guard.

The Little Sioux Scout Ranch is open to scouts again, with two new FEMA approved storm shelters, a siren and weather system.


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