URBANDALE, Iowa – Ron Tischer served his country and is now hoping a thief will honor that service. 

Earlier this week, someone broke into the local veteran’s unlocked truck that was parked on 74th Street.

“I opened up my truck and sat in and went to start it like normal,” Tischer recalls, “and that’s when I looked down and noticed all the change was out of the center compartment and I noticed the sunglasses were gone from the dashboard.”

He also noticed his Patriot Guard vest that he left in the back seat was also missing.

“Pretty heartbreaking to see that somebody would actually take it, not knowing the significant value personally for me,” Tischer said. 

After serving in the military, Tischer made it his mission to honor other veterans. It’s why he joined the Patriot Guard Riders.

“It’s my experiences. It’s memories with my friends. There’s pins on there for counting how many times I’ve been to a veteran’s funeral to honor them,” Tischer said. “I can’t describe the meaning. Other people out there that do what I do, they know what it means.”

Now, Tischer is on a mission to get his vest back. He took to social media asking for help and his Facebook post has been shared more than a thousand times.

He’s hopeful through the help of others, he’ll see his vest again.

“Maybe other people have lost something very personal to them, that has a lot of meaning to them,” Tischer said. “Hopefully other people will see this and report their property and get it back too I guess.”

Tischer said he learned his lesson to lock his vehicle and did file a report with Urbandale Police. If you have seen the vest or have any tips about where it could be, you can contact Detective Randy Peterson who was assigned to the case by calling (515) 331-6811 or emailing rpeterson@urbandale.org