Local Small Business Owners Learn About Using Facebook for Business

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Facebook kicked off its free community boost event on Monday, announcing a new digital marketing certificate program with Des Moines Area Community College.

“So these skills are really about we want to make sure people have access, small businesses, individuals, to the new skills that are developing as the economy is changing. So our hope is through the partnership with DMACC, through the free workshops that are happening all week, and also we are working with a lot of local organizations, as well, to train them on a curriculum that they can go out and run for the community for free again after we are gone,” Parisa Zagat, Facebook’s Digitals Skills Program Leader, said.

One small business owner said she started growing her business with Facebook because it is inexpensive and easy for her to use.

“With Facebook you can really drill down who you want to target with your advertising, and you don’t have to have a very big budget to do it. So I could definitely target women in a certain age range that are moms or had children, that were looking for something to get out of the house and do,” said Becky Pospisal, owner of The Knotty Nail.

Pospisal started her string art business in Des Moines because she saw a need for more Pinterest-style crafting classes.

“Guests will come to the studio and they have a piece of wood and a pattern, and they get to pick the pattern that they want to do. They use hammer and nails, and they hammer around the perimeter of the pattern. Then they take the string and kind of criss-cross it inside,” Pospisal said.

She said she uses Instagram a lot to spread the word and share her art.

“After getting some people to attend a workshop, I asked them to share the love with their friends, and from there, every time I had an event, I ask people to tell their friends, to tag me, to be sure and share it. And from there it just snowballed and the word got out really quickly,” Pospisal said.

Pospisal’s advice to small business owners just starting out is to find another business that is doing well and see how they’re promoting their business on different social media platforms.

“Take some time, look at that, figure out what you like and don’t like. See what’s working for other people. And then there’s also lots of information that Facebook actually has a training program called blueprint that’s really helpful and it’s all free. They’ll send you an email every week with stuff that you can read through and watch, and it’s something if you set aside a half hour a week to do it, you’ll see a huge difference in the growth of your business,” Pospisal said.

The Facebook Community Boost event is June 4th-8th at Franklin Junior High School.


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