Local shipping and delivery services seeing boom in business before the holidays


DES MOINES, Iowa — Big box stores are preparing for a hectic holiday season while still dealing with shipping delays and supply shortages due to the pandemic. This is benefiting some local businesses.

Owner of Handle With Care Packaging, Jef Carstens, said business was declining a couple of years ago as many people were using direct shipping options. However, during this pandemic, his revenue has nearly doubled with customers wanting a more personal touch to their shipping and delivery services. 

“There’s just no escaping. If there is an issue I am here,” Carstens said. “I guess I treat them the way they want to be treated.” 

Carstens said he ships out 75 to 100 packages a day and expects to get busier with holiday gifts. 

Station Manager for Midwest Express trucking service, Mark Steinbach, said purchasing those gifts will be a bigger issue. 

Midwest Express does business with all local hospitals to deliver medical supplies and technology with stores such as Target and Walmart. 

Steinbach said as these corporations slowly bounce back from supply and staffing shortages, they’ve been flying international cargo into the U.S. that’s usually shipped via ocean, which is five times more expensive. 

According to Steinbach, this is great for domestic truck services but will impact holiday deals.

“Specialized transportation especially, you’re going to see them willing to pay more to ensure that the customers get what they want,” Steinbach said. “But I also don’t think on Black Friday you’re going to go out and get a 55 inch TV for $299. I don’t think you’re going to see that type of reduction in price.”

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