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URBANDALE, Iowa — A local organization was given a portion of the money raised at Donald Trump’s veteran fundraiser Thursday.

The Puppy Jake Foundation trains service dogs and partners them with veterans free of charge. The organization learned Friday just how much money they’ll be given.

“We raise well-trained service dogs for veterans with PTSD and mobility issues,” said Josh Schoenblatt, of the foundation.

The Puppy Jake Foundation in Urbandale was founded in 2013 and relies solely on donations

“Without donations from the public, we can’t run. And with the average dog costing us about $20,000, we find it highly important to raise money,” Schoenblatt.

But the foundation hasn’t received a donation bigger than the announcement Trump made Thursday.

“It’s for our vets, and you’re going to love it because we raised $5 million in one day,” Trump said.

Twenty-two organizations across the country, including the Puppy Jake Foundation, will split the funds.

“It was just a euphoric feeling of happiness,” Schoenblatt said.

Schoenblatt said the funds of roughly $300,000 will go a long way for the local organization.

“That in itself can give us 15 dogs, which is almost half the dogs we currently have in our program,” he said.

While Trump’s decision to dodge the GOP debate sparked controversy, Schoenblatt said accepting the donation from the Republican front-runner was not a political issue.

“We have people on both sides of the party lines in our group, and all of us are just excited,” he said.

The only issue was providing soldiers with a new life.

“It’s just a great feeling because you can give back to a person who has been willing to give their life,” Schoenblatt said.

The $300,000 donation will be a little over half of the foundation’s entire 2015 budget.