MILO, IOWA — Less than two years ago Milo Locker Meats moved into a large new meat processing facility, and with that the company added retail sales. That was in January of 2020 in the midst of the first wave of COVID.

The locker company has been finding its niche with farm to locker to table.

“I see that is more important to people know where their meat is coming from they really want to know where is that meat been,” said Angie Goring, owner of Milo Meat Locker. “You can trace where that meat has been you know, it’s gone from farm to the locker to your table, and that  is a confidence that people are wanting to see in the last 12 months.”

Of late, meat prices have been climbing, but the Milo Locker is able to hold the line on prices.

Checking a metro store price for bacon, it was at $6.28 a pound, while Milo Locker is at $5.50. Lean ground beef at a metro store was $6.49, and Milo Locker has had their lean ground beef priced at $4.00 a pound since they began retail meat sales.

“We do have an advantage over the chain stores just because there’s not a middleman so we get it straight from the farmer so straight from the farm comes in, and then we process it here on site and then it is labeled and packaged and comes out here for the consumer to purchase so we are able to keep our prices low which is we haven’t a raised our prices since we opened in January 2020.”

This store is a family run business, including two sons who help in the production.

“It is a lot of work to own a meat processing plant so my husband is the head butcher and he is 60 years old,” said Goring. “He’s a very young 60, because it is very physical work, so he’s pushing around 500-pound carcasses.”

The Milo Locker Meats has added a small selection of groceries along with the wide array of meats on sale. 

Mayor Diane Hall said that the community is really proud of what Milo Locker Meats is doing.

The business has 31 employees, and the company makes sure employees get a lunch break. The retail store is closed, from 12 to 1 p.m.