Local Gun Owners Sounding Off on Obama’s Executive Action

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DES MOINES, Iowa — President Barack Obama is expected to take executive action without the approval of Congress in order to expand background checks for gun owners.

White House officials say it will focus on the “gun show loophole” that allows certain gun sellers at places like guns shows to sell a gun without conducting a background check.

Obama met with his attorney general Monday to talk about closing the loophole, saying his initiatives are legal and won’t go against the Second Amendment. The President is expected to outline his planned orders at 10:40 a.m. Tuesday.

In Iowa, there are at least six gun shows scheduled this month that could be impacted, and local gun owners are weighing in on what concerns them the most.

Aaron Dorr, the executive director of Iowa Gun Owners, said many members of the nonprofit are furious.

“They are pretty disgusted the President is trying use the power of his pen to do what he could not accomplish by the legislative process,” he said.

The nonprofit’s Facebook group has more than 235,000 Facebook fans.

But in the meantime, many Iowa businesses are cashing in.

Steve Anderson, a former Des Moines police officer and current owner of Training Specials in Ankeny, said sales in his four-hour class for gun permits and renewals are soaring.

Anderson echos what many Iowa gun owners are saying.

“The President deciding to do what he wants makes you kind of nervous in that legislators didn’t decide this,” Anderson said.

Many expect Obama to address a law that allows vendors at gun shows that sell their own personal firearms to do so without a license or background check.

“If a father wants to give a firearm to his son … these guys would have him locked away in jail because he didn’t get government permission to have a transaction vetted by some government computer before he did so,” Dorr said.

The threat against the gun show loophole could also cause large numbers at half a dozen already scheduled gun shows in Iowa, most of which cost at least $45 to attend.

“I’m sure we will see a large crowd at gun shows across the state of Iowa for the entirety of 2016, and this should only accelerate that process,” Dorr said.

Anderson said he doesn’t think Obama should be in the crosshairs.

“People do have to remember it’s an election year. What you have to worry about are your local legislators in Iowa,” Anderson said.

Within the gun show loophole, people are not allowed to sell to anyone that would not otherwise be able to purchase a weapon.


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