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DES MOINES, Iowa — Winter is quickly approaching in Iowa, and a group of local crafters is spreading the warmth, one scarf and hat at a time.

On Saturday morning, the group met up at Pappajohn Sculpture Park to hand out handmade cold weather knitwear to anyone who needed it. The group collects and creates knitwear all year around. Their goal is to distribute items before the temperature drops.

The organizer says anyone who grabs an item will also discover a message on the tag.

“We did this one other time in 2019,” said organizer Jen Geigley. “We left them on benches, we left them sitting around all different areas, especially outside of the library and in heavy traffic areas where people walk. There’s a little tag on each one that says ‘I’m not lost.’ Like this little hat is not lost. It’s meant for you to have. If you’re cold, please take it. That’s how we’re spreading our handknit love.”

The group also donated hats, scarves and gloves to Central Iowa Shelter and Services and Bidwell Riverside Center.