DES MOINES,  Iowa — It has been a record year for the Bidwell-Riverside Food Pantry. In December the organization set an all-time record for the number of individuals served.

The Pantry saw 6,171 individuals, spanning 1,948 households, and they gave 1,512 toys to children at their December Toy Pantry.

“A lot of that is I’m sure due to inflation rates, the cost of gas, groceries, and rent, I mean it’s just across the board,” said Tamsin Webb, the Public Relations and Development Director for Bidwell-Riverside. “Everything is gone up in price so I think that’s put a strain on a lot of people who need assistance, from getting groceries or clothing or personal hygiene items.”

The organization serves anyone in need in the Des Moines area. Patrons can get a three-day’s supply of food. They can also pick up clothing items. People have different reasons for coming here. 

“One of them had just had a child somewhat recently needed and some assistance securing food so that made a big impact,” said Webb. “Another person told me that they are working on helping their family who doesn’t live in the states, they are helping with education over there so all of their money right now is being sent over there so they needed help here, another one said that her rent went up.” 

The organization is thankful for the donations of cash, food, and clothing to help those in need.

“It’s been a tough year. It’s been really, really busy our staff has been working tirelessly and we’ve had volunteers coming in constantly,” said Webb. “Any additional help that we can get from people is appreciated, whether you’re able to give it monetarily or through food or clothing donations.

If you would like to donate to Bidwell-Riverside Pantry, click here.