DES MOINES, Iowa — Wildflower is a boutique flower shop in the Ingersoll neighborhood that provides flowers for all sorts of events and holidays. It also offers more than just the typical Valentine’s Day bouquet of roses.

Maya Boettcher, the shop’s owner, said Wildflower offers many different types of hand-picked arrangements that follow current styles.

“I kind of educate them on the difference between our shop and some shops and kind of make them aware of yeah the price point is a little higher maybe to start, but you’re going to get something that your significant other has never seen before,” Boettcher said.

Wildflower has an array of Valentine’s Day arrangements many of which contain flowers other than roses. Ones like Poe’s Dark Heart, a riff on Edgar Allen Poe for an edgy Valentine’s Day, which has orchids and hanging amaranth.

Boettcher said that even though many of Wildflower’s orders are ahead of time, they still expect a walk-in rush on Valentine’s Day.

“They know when Valentine’s Day is they know we’re their florist we still won’t hear until tomorrow from them. That’s just you know it’s busy, it’s life so you get a lot of people they all know we’re more boutique. We do like our orders ahead of time but they’ll just say ‘hey will you do me the favor’ and we will always come in clutch if we can for them,” Boettcher said.

To see Wildflower’s arrangements visit the shop’s website.