Local Couple Killed in Vacation Crash

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This past weekend Kristine Buttermore did something no mother should ever have to do. She buried her daughter.

34-year-old Allison Backstrom of Des Moines was driving back from a Las Vegas vacation Oct. 29 with her boyfriend, Jeffrey Christiansen, when the couple's car crashed on rain slicked roads. Both were killed in the accident.

Buttermore remembers getting the news from her son. "His voice kinds cracked a little and he said the deputies were just out here and told me that Allison was killed in a car accident today. And that just won't leave my mind," Buttermore recalls. "I just started yelling like no, no, God no."

Backstrom was a mother of two children; 4-year-old Johanna and 2-year-old Elaina Jane. She was a student at ISU studying environmental land use. But most of all, her family says she was a drama queen and a hippie chick.

"Oh yeah. She was a real hippie chick," her mother said. "She used to love tie die. She loved Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, Phish, Salmon. I said about any sea life that had a band she was but she loved going to concert."

Buttermore says the day before her daughter was killed she had a bad feeling that something was going to happen. Almost a premonition. So strong, she says, it made her cry.

"So I stopped what I was doing and texted all my kids. And said I don't know what's wrong but something's not right with the universe. Drive carefully. Whatever you do just drive carefully. And then the next day was the accident."

The family says the funeral service was filled with more laughter than tears as family and friends remembered Backstrom. Her family says that's just the way she would have wanted it.

"That laughter, her smile, and talking about her children, my grandchildren."

Backstrom did not have life insurance. If you would like to help the family with final expenses, click here for the GoFundMe account.


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