Local Churches to Hold in Person Services This Easter Sunday


DES MOINES, Iowa– In 2020, Easter was the first religious holiday cancelled by the pandemic. This year, churches are welcoming members back with open arms. 

Corinthian Baptist Church has been busy holding community events such as blood drives and vaccine clinics. Pastor Jonathan Whitfield said resuming in-person Sunday services was naturally the next step. 

“As we’ve been traveling through this whole year long perspective, getting to this point now, we started to see within our membership a consistency of a group of people who want to come back, who want to be in the church,” Whitfield said. 

Corinthian is calling this phase one of their four step process of getting back to regular services. Along with following standard COVID-19 procedures, the church will be at 40 percent capacity. 

Members are registering online to attend the Easter service for contact tracing purposes. 

St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral has already started holding in person services at 25 percent capacity, asking members to sign up online to attend worship in their sanctuary. 

The Provost for the church, Nicola Bowler, said they’ve had to make major changes within the last year.

However, instead of mourning old life this Sunday, St. Paul plans on celebrating the new. 

“There has been new life of different kinds even amidst the challenges and you know the devastating effects of the pandemic in many ways. So I think I’d like to celebrate that, You will have capacity for renewal this Easter,” Bowler said. 

Corinthian Baptist Church and St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral both plan on their streaming Sunday’s Easter services. 


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