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Clive was the first city in the metro to install red light cameras and now they could be the first city to get rid of them.

In a move that city officials are still trying to sort out, the council voted to end the city’s contract with the company that operates its red light cameras.

The council voted 3-2 against renewing its contract with Redflex Traffic Systems.

The original contract expired at the end of 2012.

Since then the city has continued that agreement on a quarterly basis until a new contract was settled upon.

We’re told the new contract was drawn up but Thursday night the council voted it down.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the cameras are going away. The city still has an ordinance that allows cameras.

However, Channel 13 spoke to Clive’s police chief at the meeting. He says he’s not sure what the council’s vote means for people who may run a red light Thursday night or in the days to come, or if those people will receive an automated ticket or not.

He says he hopes to have more answers Friday.