DES MOINES, Iowa — The wrath of Zeus may have rained down on a Des Moines apartment complex Sunday morning.

The Des Moines Fire Department believes a lightning strike caused a fire at the Brownstone Apartments on 2nd Street and Grand Avenue. They said damage to the apartment’s gas line indicated the presence of lightning.

Brownstone residents said a flash of light woke them up around 7:30 a.m. Sunday. While no one was hurt, about 20 residents are now displaced due to the fire.

Most of the fire damage is contained to the complex’s roof and attic, but some apartments on the lower levels suffered water damage in its aftermath.

Des Moines Fire Lieutenant Rick Thomas says the fire could have been much worse if they had not responded in time.

“The crews made a great stop on it,” Thomas said. “This could have been a really bad fire. The fire could have spread across the attic. All crews made some good decisions and got it knocked down real quick.”

Disaster relief and recovery services are being provided to the residents impacted by the fire.