LifeServe Blood Center Seeks Donors to Replenish Supply in Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

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DES MOINES, Iowa — After Hurricane Dorian demolished the Bahamas and caused chaos in the Carolinas, blood centers in the South are in dire need of donors.

LifeServe Blood Center in Iowa has already sent blood products to the South but claim now they are short on blood locally.

“Our inventory on the shelf is actually lower than we’d like it to be already with the holiday,” LifeServe Blood Center’s Danielle West said.

Labor Day weekend cut down on donors at LifeServe Blood center, but they still sent around a dozen red cell units to the South last weekend.

“I’ve got a bunch of friends that live down in North Carolina and South Carolina and stuff so…” Windsor Heights firefighter Brian Jones said.

Jones has the most requested blood type, so he did a double blood donation.

“I’ve got O negative blood. It’s a universal donor, so everybody can benefit from my blood if they need it,” Jones said.

There may be trauma situations where people affected by the storm need blood, but LifeServe said the hospitals main concern is people not donating.

“They’re more concerned with blood drives being cancelled, them not being able to collect but still needing to support their local hospitals. And so, the blood that we would send them would most likely help them fulfill those constant needs that we see every day, they see the same thing there,” West said.

LifeServe said Iowa hospitals only currently have a two- or three-day supply of blood. They will only be able to send blood for hurricane relief once Iowa has a four- or five-day supply of blood. You can schedule an appointment to donate at


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