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Fire officials say they may never know the cause of Tuesday’s fire.

But the family inside the Perry home at the time know they are lucky to be alive. All thanks to a group of high school students who happened to be skating by.

Take one step in and Amanda Flinn will show you what used to be of her childhood home.

“Well this was the entry way this was my bedroom at one point,” says Flinn.

A fire ate up about everything in this century old house. The fire started in the shed and quickly spread throughout the home. Flinn says she had no ideas she and her husband and baby were in danger.

“If it weren’t for them this could have been a way different story.”

A group of high schoolers skating down the street noticed the home was on fire.

“We saw the fire and we were like ‘oh wow,’” recalls Jamie Alliss.

Alliss says he knew people were home at the time and didn’t hesitate to break inside. He and other boy were able to rescue the family and 13 of their 14 cats.

Three others tried tackling the flames with a garden hose until crews arrived.

Wednesday afternoon, the skateboarders were back to help clean up the mess they saved Amanda and her family from.

“I’m so grateful to them. It’s amazing that they saw it and came and warned us.”

Skateboarder, Conor Flannery, adds, “I didn’t even think it was a big deal you know it was the right thing to do you know.”

The American Red Cross has reached out to the family.