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One year after a woman was killed in her home in the town of Greene the man convicted in her death is heading to prison for the rest of his life.

Thomas Petersen was sentenced to life without parole for murdering his wife, Renee, last June.

Monday, Petersen sat expressionless as family members told him how Renee’s murder has impacted their lives. Renee’s mother, Judy Case, spoke of Petersen as a man who controlled his wife, wouldn’t get a job, and ultimately as a man who brutally murdered the mother of his children while their two-year-old watched.  

“I want the murderer to understand that we will never forget what he has done, and his children will not forget, and we will make sure they know his true nature as a lazy, good-for-nothing slob that was always a burden on the family and how useless he was as a father,” said Case.

Petersen also heard from the victim’s witness coordinator who read a statement from his teenage son Cody.

Petersen has 30 days to file an appeal. His attorney says she plans to file one Tuesday.

Petersen is also awaiting trial in South Dakota where he was arrested following a chase. He’s charged with the attempted murders of two law enforcement officers.