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WHO 13 NEWS – The Animal Rescue League once again was needed to rescue animals from the cruelty of two unlicensed dog breeders.

It’s another frustrating occurrence for licensed breeders such as Sara Stanfield and Joel Paris who say the laws need to be stricter to prevent things like this from happening.

“Everybody should abide by them, whether it’s one litter or five litters it doesn’t matter,” Stanfield said. “And I think that would stop a lot of it because you gotta jump through those hoops, people don’t want to do it. And yeah you might still have some, but this is insane the amount of puppy mills coming up here with a large amount of dogs.”

The two run Paris Puppies Paradise in Ogden. Right now they have about 40 dogs on their property and they say it’s a lot of work to take care of them. The puppies need a warm and clean place to sleep, fresh water and food, as well as necessary shots.

Stanfield said there’s a lot of hours and money that go into providing those things, and she thinks a false sense of financial gain is a driving factor for many.

“It’s not easy money if you’re doing it right, and it’s a lot of hard work,” Stanfield said. “I mean you spend hours changing papers or taking care of them and selling them and finding them forever homes and making sure they got a good home. But the biggest thing is they think it’s easy money, but the reality is no.”

Besides stricter legislation, Stanfield would also like to see more collaboration between reputable breeders and shelters to educate people about this issue.

She also said this is a good reminder for pet owners to get their animals fixed.