Liberty Center Post Office Suspends Operation

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LIBERTY CENTER, Iowa-Postal customers here today got word that operations the Post Office here would be suspended after the business day on November 21.

A news release from the U.S. Postal Service said the it was an emergency decision to suspend service at this facility, due to disrepair. The requested repairs were not complied with according to the release, so the lease agreement was ended.

In the interim retail postal operations will be relocated to the Lacona Post Office.

A community meeting will be held in the coming weeks to discuss potential for alternate quarters.

Building owner Scott Shields said the building was constructed in 1911, and was only worth $5000. He said repairs requested by the Postal Service would total more than that.

“This is not being financially fiscally reasonable to fix it up,” said Shields. “Because it’s too much and won’t get any kind of return out of it.”

Shields lives in the house adjoining the Post Office. He said he plans to move out soon, rather than put money into the old building.

Postal customers were surprised today.

“A little shock here not to be able to mail my mail,” said Randy DeLong. “Basically I need some stamps here and I’m not going to be able to pick them up.


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