Libertarian Gary Johnson Campaigns in Des Moines

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Fairgoers at the Iowa State Fair who cast their kernel at the WHO-HD stand practically begged for a third-party candidate to vote for.

On Saturday they got a chance to meet one in Des Moines.

Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for the White House stopped by Grandview University to make his case.

“We actually represent most Americans, fiscally conservative, socially inclusive, and skeptical when it comes to our military interventions,” said Johnson.

One of Johnson’s main talking points was having what he called an “invincible national defense”, but one that was not the world’s police force; a stance that hit home with Andrew Jensen

“I’m a veteran myself, I served overseas, and it was rough; being over there and knowing that we weren’t really over there to do anything but change their government,” said Jensen.

Johnson says that in today’s age of political divisiveness, he wants to be the person who can get things done.

“Clinton gets elected, Trump gets elected, does anybody believe that the polarity is going to get any better? No! They want to kill each other!” said Johnson.

Johnson responded to the criticism of a third-party run, that a vote for him was a wasted vote.

“Wasting your vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in,” Johnson said to a roar of applause.

Johnson says the next step in his campaign is to get onto the national debate stage. He needs to be polling at 15% across several polls do so, a mark that he has yet to hit.

“The issue right now is being on the top line of these polls. My name is not on the top line of any of these polls, and then 99% of the media only reports the top line which makes it appear as though there are only two candidates in this race” said Johnson.

Regardless of how the election turns out, Johnson hopes that he’ll make a positive impact on the country.

“[That] these were the honest guys, these were the non-hypocrites, these were the non-rock throwers, these were actually the guys that talked about the issues and what direction we should be taking on all these issues,” said Johnson.

He has had that effect on some voters; Brandy Darling was a Bernie Sanders supporter who now finds herself in the Johnson camp

“The honesty I think, with Bernie and with Gary. Just getting it out there, total honesty and there`s a lot of dishonesty with Hillary and Trump” said Darling. It`s nice to have a third person to have the opportunity to vote for” she said.


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