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Some members of Governor Branstad’s base are criticizing him for lending his title to an up-coming youth conference.

The 8th annual Governor’s Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth will be held at Prairie Meadows Wednesday.

The conference sponsor, Iowa Safe Schools, says the mission is to educate students, teachers, and community leaders about issues relevant to LGBTQ individuals, especially bullying.

Members of the Family Leader and backers believe the real purpose is to promote a gay lifestyle.

Thursday, they called on the governor to remove his title from the conference, and asked conference sponsors to “stop exposing impressionable children to evil.”

“Stop coming after my kids and other peoples kids with evil propaganda.  Stop twisting the bible and stop using our tax dollars to do it,” Chuck Hurley with the Family Leader said.

The governor’s spokesperson Tim Albrecht responded to their request saying, “It is our understanding that this is a private conference, started by and named after Governor Vilsack.  Governor Branstad has not asked that the word governor be removed from the title.”

In addition, the state does not provide funding for the LGBTQ conference.

Iowa Safe Schools Director Nate Monson also responded to the Family Leader’s request saying they are only perpetuating the problems LGBTQ teens face. “’Hurley`s language is not only mean spirited, it is dangerous to the students and kids we are trying to help. Every child deserves a safe and supportive environment and the fact that our elected leaders are leading the bullying charge is a disgrace.”