DES MOINES, Iowa — The sentencing for a sex trafficked teen who killed her alleged rapist has been pushed back until next week.

Pieper Lewis, 17, was charged last year with killing Zachary Brooks when she was 15. Brooks, 37, allegedly raped Lewis multiple times in the weeks leading up to his death, which was on June 1, 2020.

On Wednesday, a judge pushed back the sentencing date because of the length of the hearing and witness testimonies. The judge said he plans on delivering the sentence on Tuesday, September 13.

Lewis was initially charged with first degree murder. Lewis pled guilty to killing Brooks but said she did not plan to murder him. She said she was overcome with rage the last time Brooks raped her. Lewis was charged in adult court last year for involuntary manslaughter and willful injury. She is facing up to 10 years for each charge.

The judge listened to both witness testimony from the defense and prosecution.

One defense witness, Megan Hoxhalli, discussed how long it took for Lewis to open up to her.

“She was terrified, she was afraid of talking to me and she was mostly afraid of something happening to her younger sister,” said Hoxhalli, a social worker for Lutheran Services in Iowa.

Hoxhalli was one of the first people Lewis met after she killed Brooks. Hoxhalli testified based on what Lewis had shared with her about how she got involved in sex trafficking.

Hoxhalli testified that when Lewis was 15 she had a “boyfriend” named Mr. Brown, who was 28 at the time. Mr. Brown allegedly set up profiles for Lewis on dating applications to go on dates with adult men. Hoxhalli said that Lewis described Mr. Brown as manipulative, controlling, and violent to animals in front of her. He would tell her ‘no one else cared about her,’ and would threaten her if she didn’t go on these dates.

“He would become violent with her if she did not go on dates and Pieper, in detail, described being forced to have sex with people on those dates and then having to come back and bring money and drugs to Mr. Brown in exchange for that,” said Hoxhalli.

Another social work case manager with the Iowa Department of Human Services said Pieper was being used for money or drugs by adults and given to adult men for three to four months prior to her offense.

A witness for the prosecution met Lewis around the same time period Hoxhalli had. The witness said she met with her at least once a month to discuss her case, and try to get Lewis to talk about her emotions and decisions leading up to June 1, 2020. The witness said she wished Lewis had put in more effort to be open and vulnerable to her about those issue.

“I believe she was able to recognize what this has done as far as to the victim’s family,” said Whitney Buchanan, a judicial court officer in 5th Judicial District of Iowa. “She would say that she only felt bad for his family, for him not being there.”

Almost every witness on Wednesday had outlined some timeline that needed to be established to gain Lewis’ trust.

Next Tuesday, the prosecution has two more witnesses and then the judge is expected to announce Lewis’ sentencing, barring any changes.