LEVIN TRIAL: Interrogation Tapes Played

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Day three of the murder trial against an Early man accused of killing his mother and kidnapping another woman was jam packed.

During the morning testimony prosecutors focused on the third degree kidnapping charge against 21-year-old Kirk Levin.

They played the initial police interrogation after Levin was arrested in January. The prosecution tried to show the jury that Levin intended to commit a sexual act against Jessica Vega when he allegedly kidnapped her. In the tape Levin admits that he has had fantasies about forcible sex and bondage, but when asked if he intended to have sex with Vega he responded, “I had her, if I wanted to, I probably would have.”

Back in January after police interrogated Levin they went to his Sac County home to see if his mother had any information. That is when authorities found Marilyn Schmitt’s body. In court Wednesday Prosecutors also played a tape of a second interrogation following the discovery of his mother’s body.

In that interrogation Levin told authorities he would never kill his mother, ever. But after several hours of interrogation he admitted that it must have been him.

“I don’t know why I killed her, I don’t know how I killed her,” Levin said.
“But you just admitted you killed her,” stated the investigator.
“Had to of,” replied Levin.

The prosecution called the associate state medical examiner, who testified about the injuries Marilyn Schmitt suffered.

The defense rested it’s case without calling any witnesses.

Jury deliberations will begin Thursday morning.

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