LAWSUIT FILED: Hedlund Wrongful Termination Claim

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A lawsuit has been filed against the state by a fired Division of Criminal Investigation agent.

The wrongful termination lawsuit names the state, DPS Commissioner Brian London, DCI Director Chari Paulson, and assistant DCI director Gerard Meyers as defendants.

Former DCI Special Agent Larry Hedlund filed the lawsuit following his termination in July. He claims he was fired in retaliation for complaints he made in connection to a case involving Gov. Terry Branstad’s SUV.

Hedlund discovered the SUV going at a high rate of speed on Highway 20 near Iowa Falls back in April. He radioed the information to dispatch and a state trooper clocked the vehicle going 84 miles per hour. Once it was learned Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds were passengers in the SUV and it was being driven by a state trooper, the decision was made not to pull the vehicle over.

Hedlund complained to a supervisor, saying he didn’t feel the Governor was above the law.

Hedlund was placed on paid administrative leave on May 1st and fired July 17th.

The Department of Public Safety denies Hedlund’s claims of retaliation and says he was fired because of rule violations, insubordination, and disrespectful conduct to his superiors.

Hedlund has also filed an injunction against the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s records custodian for sharing a confidential 500 page disciplinary report. Gov. Branstad called for a review of the report and appointed form Iowa Chief Justice Louis Lavorato to perform the review.

Hedlund claims it was a violation of Iowa code for the records to be shared with Lavorato.


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