Lawn Care Experts Caution Homeowners About Leaks in Irrigation Systems After Rough Winter

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  This spring, the story has been too much water — but around your home, this is the time of year to concern yourself with wasting water. One of the biggest water-wasting culprits is the broken irrigation system. Lawn care experts said winter is hard on the systems.

“Things freeze, water freezes in pipes, if it was blown out properly it wouldn’t happen, if it was not blown out properly you would have water in the pipes and the pipes would all crack. Snow blowers and shovels hit heads, snow plows sometimes can hit heads, especially along the edges of concrete,” A+ Lawn and Landscape Irrigation Production Manager Chris Nygaard.

A+ Lawn and Landscape says people generally spend more money on water outside of their homes than inside.

They say the average homeowner uses 2,100 gallons, every time you water your yard.

If you are watering three times a week you are using 6,300 gallons of water a week.  That means you are using enough water to fill up an average swimming pool twice a week.

And at that rate, you will fill the YMCA Olympic sized pool every two years. So, if you have a leak you are wasting thousands and thousands of gallons of water.

“Sometimes you can hear it, you turn the water on and you can hear the water, even though the system is not running you can hear the water running through, right here in the back flow device, you can hear the water running. You’ll see water in the yard, water will pool. Sometimes if it’s the head, this will be broken, this is right at ground level,” Nygaard said.

Many times, you won’t know there is a leak right away.

“You turn the system on, and it won’t just instantaneously flood the yard, but it will start to bubble the grass, it’ll be like walking on a water bed,” Nygaard said.

Either that or you will see it puddling in the grass or more likely, it won’t even puddle and it will just begin running down the street.

That’s why lawn experts recommend having someone come out to check it for leaks and turn it on.


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