LATE RAINS: Severe Drought Still Prevalent

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Despite the severe weather experienced Thursday, the latest report says around 42-percent of Iowa is in a severe drought.

About 97-percent of the state is in some sort of drought or dry condition.

The little green area in eastern Iowa is the only part of the state that’s considered “normal.”

State climatologist Harry Hillaker says the rain we’re getting is too little too late.

He says it won’t do anything to help the corn crop, and will most likely have little effect on soybeans.

He says any rain we get from here on out is still good news but only for next year.

“As far as where the benefit will be pasture land things like that, we`ll start to get growth again in the areas that had more rainfall and certainly putting some moisture in the ground for next year’s crops as well,” Hillaker said.

Hillaker says last year’s drought conditions may have been worse, but this year has been harder on the crops.

That’s because farmers got a late start to planting and the rain dried up right when the plants needed it the most.


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