Last-Dollar Scholarship Helps Bridge the Gap to Pay for Higher Education

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Many high school seniors have until Wednesday to make a decision when it comes to higher education, but there is still time to apply for financial aid.

Iowa College Aid Communications Coordinator Elizabeth Keest Sedrel said it is never too late to apply for aid.

People who are looking to complete an associate degree are eligible to apply for a brand-new scholarship. It is called “Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship and Grant Program.”

“A student who is going into one of those high demand fields they apply for all of the financial aid that’s available to them through the state through the federal government. Whatever is not covered for their tuition, the Last Dollar Scholarship is going to bridge that gap,” Keest Sedrel said.

The scholarship applies to students looking to pursue a career that has a short supply of workers in Iowa. Some of those career fields include IT, dental hygiene, and advanced manufacturing.

“We know there are certain jobs where employers are having trouble finding people with the training credentials they need. We know there are students who want to go to college who are having trouble figuring out how to pay for it. This scholarship is going to bring them all together,” Keest Sedrel said.

The scholarship has $13 million to give to students to help pay for higher education.

Keest Sedrel said there is no exact dollar cap on the scholarship. It can’t be more than tuition and mandatory fees for the program a student is enrolled in. Students also cannot use the scholarship for more than five semesters.

Students have from now, until July 1st to apply for the scholarship.

One school that is accepting the scholarship is Des Moines Area Community College.

Visit Iowa College Aid for more information about grants, scholarships and financial aid.


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