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Saint Patricks’ Day is a big day for any Irish bar, but for Flanagan’s, there`s even more riding on this weekend.

“It is like the black Friday it pays the bills, keeps the lights on,” said J.D. Henter, “it could save us hopefully. We`ll see how it all pans out. Hopefully people come and drink a lot of beer- green beer that is.”

General manger J.D. Henter says the staff has tried to not to dwell too much on how important this weekend could be: they are trying to stay positive.

According to the Polk County Sherriff’s Department, the Ingersoll Avenue based restaurant is just under two weeks away from going up on the auction block. Once the 28th is here, officials with the Sherriff`s Department say the sale will happen quickly.  But until then, a lot could change. A deal could be made between the bar and the bank to postpone or even cancel the sale.

Flanagan’s has been open since 1985.  Last year Tim Flanagan sold the bar. The new owners declined to comment.