Lasagna Love: Grassroots Movement Providing Meals to Families in Need


Lindsey Ziegler loves to cook, and lasagna is one of her specialties. So, it’s not surprising she volunteers for a group called “Lasagna Love”.  “When I heard about this I immediately signed up,” she explains, “and so did other people so it had a huge impact at that point.”

The mission is simple – get meals to families that are struggling. According to Feeding America, food insecurity has doubled since the pandemic started, and has more than tripled for families with children. Seventy percent of food insecure households choose between buying food and paying utilities. “People are very grateful and we get requests for all different kinds of reasons,” says Lindsey, “Some are because of COVID, some are other illnesses, lost jobs, and some just need a break.”

For Nicole Lorton it was a lifesaver. She has five kids, she owns a salon and her husband is gone a lot for work. Last winter she was feeling frazzled. “I was hesitant about doing it at first,” she says, “but then I realized this is about helping everybody in their season of life, no matter what they’re going through we could all use help.”

This is way more than just a meal, it’s a way for families to reconnect and for parents to feel less stressed “You don’t have to be suffering deeply to get a lasagna,” Nicole says, “let’s just take the load off for one night for you,”

Nicole is paying it forward by signing up as a volunteer for “Lasagna Love”. You can sign up by going to:

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